Detail shots of this pretty doge’s visceral elegance in all its glory and gory detail, as promised. More pictures and the original post of Aristide can be seen here—->clickformoardeaddoge

Original concept by Emily Combs, a true mastermind in her ability to turn the visceral into something so beautiful that you can’t look away. Her illustrations are to die for, please check them out.

As for our doge child here, Aristide, just a few shots of the wonderful lace cuffs made by Emily. Ribbon corset binds the skin of the back between the vertebrae. The form is entirely custom, hand carved. The skin and bones come from two different coyotes, both were road kill, found and processed by yours truly.

Hopefully Emily will post pictures of her original drawing, someone go over to her tumblr and demand that she stop hoarding all those magnificent illustrations all to herself.